Getting Started

I sat down this morning to find ways to get my writing out.

Trying to bring the words together in ways that complete my thoughts and desires seems to be my first challenge. But the simple act of putting the words down and seeing them solidify seems to do the trick.

Daily writing is an act and practice I need to get myself into doing. Picking a topic and seeing it through as a training method is useful. I wonder where it is going to end up.

Over the weekend I coached my current group of fencers at competitions. Getting there early for the first time both days, gave me the opportunity to be prepared for each day. There always seems lots of down time during the days of fencing, but running from place to place keeps me busy in the moment. Saturday’s concerns involved running from one gym space to another, events happening in three different rooms simultaneously. As things happened here and there,  I missed much of the fencing. I would run into a room, only to find my kids waiting for the next round to begin.

Providing the right kind of support is always the biggest challenge. On the day of an event, changes are hard to make. I provide guidance and they need to execute the actions. Sometimes it works, other times, not so much. Giving just the right information at the right time is an art. One I try to master every event.

As fencers were eliminated, it simplified the day for me. Focus at the end was down to one, striving for an undefeated day. As it was going so well so far, what do I have to add? Words of encouragement, words of calming. Stressful for me as I can do little beyond stand and watch. Right up to the end, I had to trust that the skills I taught in the weeks and months prior to get him fencing his best. Preparation and practice, training and time, all needed to make this moment possible.

I wonder if this is how my writing will take shape. Prep, plan, practice, and time. When getting ideas ready, I will think, research, get things in place. Planning where stories may go, exploring options, and outlining general plots will give a place to get started. Daily exercises, writing with objectives, and following through will improve skills in structure, word choice and mechanics. Not pushing things forward before they are ready, leaving things not ready on the side, focusing on the moment ideas are ready requires excellent timing and opportunity.

I let my fencers start with minimal knowledge of the sport. Athletic skills never experienced begin to form. Teaching new ideas, forming style, developing control over time, and providing the opportunity to stretch abilities with actions outside of the box make them talented individuals. They go out over time and improve, making strides they never expected they could perform.

Now to see if writing follows these same steps, to see if I am able to bring stories out and let them become their own. I guess only time will tell.


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