Out the Door for New Experiences

I’m working on engaging in more community activities during this Spring. Unfortunately, my children tend to make the task of going places sometimes makes me wonder if leaving the house is worth the work.

Getting our behinds out the door appears to challenge the organization of my kids. Underwear gets “lost.” Shoes manage to frequently end up on the wrong feet, just before someone realizes that rain boots make a much better option for the clear, sunny morning. The pink coat is better for today. Arms don’t fit the sleeves anymore. Diapers get plucked from the bag and dropped to the floor. Quick change of home toys coming with us.  Should I bring all my LEGO?

Out the door, we begin running laps around the car. The number of laps inversely relates to how many minutes there are until music begins. Getting the kids into the car frequently makes me wonder what neighbors going by the house think about our skillful routine.

Once in the car, seat belts attached, we are underway. It’s a six minute ride, but there seems time to laugh, sing, question and love on the drive. Almost always a favorite part of the morning. Is that because everyone is locked into place and unable to wiggle out of control?

Driving up the road to the library, excitement begins. Will friends be there today? What songs sung? Is there a craft to keep everyone busy at the end? I’m pretty sure, to date, each morning I let them out of their restraints in the wrong order. The boy wants out first, but he tends to wander away from the car into the parking lot. And can’t seem to close the car door. When he gets out first, she is devastated I passed her door. Starting with her, I can still control her movement close to me as we move around the car, but throwing her over my shoulder is not the most appropriate show I want to put on. She does want to use her walking skills. Slow walking skills. He cries as if I would leave him in the car alone for a moment in this day publicly. At home, sure.

Inside the building, they are fantastic. They listen to stories, sit quietly, complete crafts creatively. I spend my time wondering how parents do this everyday. I try to enjoy the moments of joy they experience as songs fill the morning. She soaks in the songs and ideas she hears. He engages with the other kids, parents, and community members he meets in a way that makes me proud. They both love to do things with the other kids. Craft time lasts for an hour. He creates with abandon, she completing artwork with precision. Their tiny minds take in so much. I guess there is no question as to the value of these days.


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